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Mrs. Rybczynski - 1B




Dear Parents,
Welcome to the third trimester of First Grade. The strides we made both academically and emotionally are remarkable. We are getting ready to become successful Second Graders!


- March 2 Read Across America Day. Crazy Mixed-matched Sock Day!

- March 3 Early Dismissal -12:30 P.M. Dismissal.

- March 5 Early Dismissal - 12:30 P.M and End of 2nd Trimester.

- March 12 Report Cards

- March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day – Students may dress down in green!

- March 19 Happy St. Joseph's Day!


  • April 1 Holy Thursday - Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M, no aftercare.

  • School Closed 4/2/21 through 4/9/21.

  • School reopens 4/12/21.


• Jesus is our Good Shepherd
• Examination of Conscience
• The Stations of the Cross
• Story of St. Patrick and St. Joseph
• Passion Sunday
• Holy Week
• Celebration of Easter
• Jesus gave us the Gift of Peace
Language Arts:
• continue to work on fluency, intonation, comprehension, and expression
• make predictions and identify key ideas

• find text evidence while comparing texts
• cause and effect
• phonic skills such as /ar/, /ur/, /er/, /ir/, /or/
• long I with y, igh, ie
• long e with y and ey
• final e
• compound words
• correct verb tense with see and saw
• inflectional endings
• commas in a series
• contraction review
• adjectives that compare
• adverbs that tell when
• combining sentences
• proper nouns
• writing descriptive sentences


• comparing and ordering length
• indirect measurement
• problem solving- mixed strategies
• using units to estimate and measure lengths
• addition two-digit numbers
• adding ones and tens with dimes and pennies
• adding ones and tens with and without models
• estimating sums to the nearest ten
• multi-step problems solving
• reviewing math facts to 20
• graphing
• weekly time tests for mastery
Social Studies:
• different kinds of weather
• looking at our land and water
• Earth's resources
• caring for resources and how things have changed

 • properties of matter
• solids, liquids and gases
• how matter changes
• what makes things move
• what is speed
We are almost there and what a great year this has been. Again, thank you parents for all you do!

The First Grade Teachers