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Mrs. Gracia - 2B


Welcome to the 2nd grade eboard page!

April Happenings in Second Grade

Important dates:

4/2 – 4/11 – Easter vacation

4/12 – 4/16 - school reopens virtually for all students – official, complete, summer uniforms may be worn

4/19 – in school learning begins

4/23 – Blessing of Articles and Reconciliation.

Please send in any item(s) that you would like to have blessed for First Holy Communion in a clear plastic bag labeled with your child’s name.

Please review with your child key points about Reconciliation.  The students will receive this Sacrament in school. . . Bless me Father it has been four months since my last confession, and these are my sins.

4/28 – First Holy Communion @ 9:00am.  Please arrive at the Parish Center/cafeteria no

later than 8:40am. Students must wear a white mask.

4/26 – Renaissance testing week #3

In Reading we will:

•           Read stories to learn what heroes do, how we can protect the earth, and why rules are important.

•           Explore different genres including expository text, fiction, realistic fiction, and biography.

•           Continue to learn how to recognize point of view while reading a particular text and determining the problem and solution scenarios in each stories.

•           Revisit determining the author’s purpose and the sequencing of events while reading.

Learn various grammar skills including:

•           Contractions

•           Possessive pronouns

•           Pronoun-verb agreement

•           Proper nouns

•           Correctly writing book titles

Learn various spelling and phonics skills including:

•           Short vowel digraphs ea, ou, and y

•           Variant vowels

•           Syllables

•           Explore homophones, synonyms, and multiple meaning words

In Religion we will:

Learn the importance of listening to God’s word at Mass.

Explore further the order of the Mass.

Discuss the symbols of bread and wine during the Mass.

Discuss the vestments and articles the priest uses during the Mass.

Learn about the Eucharistic Prayer, Consecration, and Transfiguration.

Continue practicing for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

In Math we will be learning about:


Estimation of length

Inch, foot, yard

Cup, pint, gallon, ounce

Centimeter, meter

Gram, kilogram

Liter, volume

Equivalent measures




Square units

Temperature – F* and C*

In Science we will:

States of matter

Mass, property

Solids, liquids, gases


How cooling and heating changes matter

What is energy and how do living things use it

Solar energy

Sources of heat





Using electricity safely

How light moves

In Social Studies we will:

Explore people and places in history

Discuss immigration

Learn about customs/holiday traditions

Discuss landmarks

Explore artifacts

Learn about inventions

Discover different forms of communication