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May/June Happenings in Second Grade

Important Dates to Remember:
5/1 – Open House for Prospective Parents, 6 - 8pm
5/3 – Blessing of the Articles and Confession – Please send in any item(s) that you would like to 
          have blessed for First Holy Communion in a clear plastic bag labeled with your child’s 
          Please review with your child key points about Reconciliation.  The students will attend 
          confession during the school day. Please practice the following . . . Bless me Father it has 
          been two months since my last confession, and these are my sins.
5/3 – Communion/May Crowning DVD purchase forms are due
5/3 – Progress reports – please sign and return
5/4 – First Holy Communion @ 10:00am.  Please arrive in the cafeteria no later than 9:30am.
5/9 – Talent show - $1 donation, dress down day
5/10 – May Crowning @ 11:00am. Students come dressed in their complete Holy Communion 
           outfit to school. A note must be written a sent in that morning if you wish to have your 
           child dismissed at 12:15, which is after the conclusion of the mass. Anyone without a note 
           will be dismissed at the regular early dismissal time.
5/16 – Class trip to Ocean County Planetarium – students need to come to school with a 
            bagged/lunchbox lunch and a towel to sit on. We will not be purchasing lunch in the 
5/24 – Field Day – wear assigned t-shirt, shorts, sneakers, and socks
5/27 – Memorial Day – No School
5/30 – Ascension Thursday Mass @ 9:00am
5/31 – Early dismissal, school mass, 11:00am
6/3 thru 6/7 – dress down week for Grade 2
6/7 – Early Dismissal, 8th grade graduation, 7pm
6/12 – Last day of Aftercare
6/13 – Last Day of School – Early Dismissal, peanut free snack

The following is curriculum being covered in the months of May and June:

In Language Arts:
•Read stories about what keeps our world working.
•Explore various myths, poems, and expository texts.
•Learn how to summarize and reread.
•Identify main idea, key details, author’s purpose, theme, and point of view.
•Context and paragraph clues
•Problem and solution
•Learn about adjectives, articles, adverbs, and prepositional phrases.
•Open and closed syllable words, vowel team syllables, and r-controlled vowel syllables.

•The Church is one Body in Christ.
•The Eucharist unites all members.
•The Church is missionary by nature.
•Learn about different ways to show Jesus’ love to others.
•Mary is the Mother of the Church.
•Mary leads us closer to Jesus.
•God cares for us through the Church.
•We know Jesus better by attending Mass on a regular basis.

*Students will begin working on multiplication/division facts

Social Studies:
•Unit 6: People and Places in History
◦Family history/immigration
◦Holidays, celebrations, and customs
◦I.M. Pei and Robert Fulton
◦China/Egypt landmarks and artifacts
◦How Science and technology change the way people communicate and travel

◦How sound travels
◦Animal sounds- how they are made
◦Sounds around us- close your eyes, what do you hear?
◦Measuring sound
•Earth and Space
◦What is the Sun?
◦What causes day and night?
◦The seasons and why they change
◦What can you see in the night sky?
◦The phases of the Moon
◦The solar system


                                   Mrs. Kathleen Gaspich - 2A

Welcome to Second Grade!