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                                           Welcome to the 2nd grade eboard page!

October Happenings in Second Grade

Important dates:
10/8 Renaissance testing 2A
10/9 Renaissance testing 2B
10/9 Progress reports . . .  please sign and return
10/12 Columbus Day . . .no school . . . go out and explore new things
10/14 Dress down in pink in support of finding a cure for cancer
10/27 Confirmation – early dismissal
The following is the curriculum being covered in the month of October:
Language Arts:
Short vowel sounds a, o, and u
Long vowel sounds a, o, and u
Continue with subjects
Understand inflectional endings s/es
Combine subjects and predicates using “and”
Improve punctuation and capitalization skills
Use commas in a series
Nouns . . . common, proper, plural, singular, and irregular
Quotation marks
Making predictions
 Subtract 0, 1, 2
Adding and subtracting doubles
Thinking addition to subtract
Making a ten to subtract
Writing stories and number sentences
Modeling tens and ones
Writing number words to ninety-nine
Greater than, less than, equal to
Counting to 100
10 more 10 less
Place value to a two-digit number
Ordering numbers on a number line
Exploring even and odd numbers
Ordinal to the 31st
Pictographs, bar graphs
Range, mode, median
Line plots
Venn diagram
Social Studies:
Discussing Native American cultures
Understand climate, location, and physical surroundings affect how people live
Colonies, pilgrims, independence
American Revolution and George Washington
Lewis and Clark
Slavery, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas
Civil war Abraham Lincoln
Good citizenship skills
How English settlers and Native American people traded goods
Settlement patterns due to weather, natural resources, and seasons
Using a map scale
Using maps to obtain information
Understand national celebrations such as Independence Day
Individualism and freedom and how symbols show that
Historical figures - Paul Revere, Sojourner Truth, and how they influenced the nation
Time lines
How science and technology have changed transportation
Discover what plants and animals need
Producer and consumer
Predators vs prey
How plants and animals get food in a grassland
How plants and animals get food in the ocean
Food chains/Food webs and how they can change
How plants and animals help each other