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January Happenings in Second Grade

Important Dates:
1/6 – School Reopens
1/10 – Ocean Animal Information index card due
1/17 – Ocean Animal Project due
1/17 – ASPCA chore picture due
1/20 – No School for students
1/23 – Dog and Cat food donations and chore pictures due
1/24 - Progress Reports
1/26 – Catholic Schools Week Opening Mass 9am
           Scholastic Book Fair begins
1/28 – Open House 9:00am-11:00am (in class presentations) and
           1:00-2:00pm (2A – Library, 2B – Gym)
1/30 – Student Appreciation Day
1/31 – Teacher Appreciation Day
            Early Dismissal

•Identify sin and accidents
•Jesus loves us even when we have done wrong
•Distinguish between good and bad choices
•Sacrament of Reconciliation is Jesus’ gift for peace and spiritual growth
•Identify confession, contrition, and absolution
•Discuss penance as a prayer or a good deed.
•Review the process of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
•Prepare for receiving the Sacrament

Language Arts
•Read stories about how we can help out in our community.
•Read stories about how the weather affects us.
•Ask and answer questions while reading
•Discussing the author’s purpose for writing
•Narrative Non-fiction and Expository texts
•Synonyms and Antonyms
•Identifying main idea and key details
•Identify past present tense verbs
•The verb “have”
•Practice identifying and using prefixes
•Sentence Fluency
•Combining and Rearranging Sentences
•Blend and spell words with the long “o” sound spelled o, oe, ow, oa, and o
•Blend and spell words with the long “e” sound
•Blend and spell words with the long “u” sound spelled u_e, ew, ue, and u
•Practice using organization while writing.

•Continuing with Geometry
•Slides, flips, and turns
•Patterns with shapes
•Combining shapes to make new shapes
•Solving word problems
•Ordered pairs on a coordinate grid
•Money and Time
•Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollars
•Addition and subtraction of money
•Creating equal amounts with different coins
•Comparing money
*Making change
*Hour and half hour
*Telling time to the 5 minute interval
*Quarter hour
*Elapsed time
*Estimating time
*Reading a calendar

•Earth and space
•What is the sun?
•What causes day and night?
•What causes the seasons to change?
•What do you see in the night sky?
•Why does the moon seem to change?
•What is the Solar System?
•How living things grow and change
•How sea turtles grow and change
*Life cycle of a dragon fly, horse, and bean plant
*Why do young plants and animals look like their parents?
*How do people grow and change?

Social Studies
•Catholic Schools Week Ocean Animal presentations
•Caring about our Earth
•Using pictures to obtain information
•Cause and effect
•Identifying landforms and bodies of water
•Conducting an interview
•Comparing and contrasting different communities
•Understanding how physical characteristics of places affect activities
•Producing versus consuming
•Tracing the development of a product to the finished product
•Our earth’s natural resources
•Bar graphs



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