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November/December Happenings in Second Grade
Important dates:
11/1 All Saints Day Mass 9am
        Winter uniforms, early dismissal
11/13 Class pictures - students must wear their               
           complete winter uniform including sweater

11/18 Early dismissal - Confirmation

11/22  Native American project due
11/22 End of First Trimester
11/26  Pow Wow
11/27  School Pep Rally, 10:30 . . . Dress down in Blue and white
           Early dismissal – No AfterCare
11/28 -12/1 Happy Thanksgiving! No School
12/6 Parent-Teacher Conferences..No School
12/20 Early Dismissal
12/21-1/1 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! School Closed
The following is curriculum being covered in the months of November and December:

How a friendship with Jesus is related to happiness on Earth and in Heaven
Bible story of Jesus and Zacchaeus
Jesus loves us even when we have done wrong
Distinguish between good and bad choices
God loves us no matter what
Identify sin and accidents
Sacrament of Reconciliation is Jesus' gift for peace and spiritual growth
Identifying main topic and key details
Suffixes and prefixes
Making, confirming, and changing predictions
Read stories about animals and the world
Singular, plural nouns, irregular plural nouns
Proper and common nouns
Possessive nouns and commas in a series
Action and present tense verbs
Consonant digraphs (ch, tch, sh, ph, th, ng, wh),
Three letter blends (str, thr, spl, shr, scr, spr)
Long vowels a and i
Expository text
How are offspring like their parents?
Key details Abbreviations
How Earth’s forces affect us
Present, past, and future tense verbs
Compound words
Narrative fiction

Problem solving
Two digit addition with and without regrouping
Word problems
Rounding/estimating to the nearest ten
Horizontal/vertical addition
Addition of 3 two digit numbers
Mental math vs pencil and paper
Multiple step problems
Subtraction of two digit numbers with and without regrouping
Multiple ways to write a number
Modeling 10’s and 1’s
Solid figures
Faces, edges, vertices
Plane figures
Lines of symmetry

Social Studies:
Native American Unit
Native American Pow Wow
Rules in community, state, and country
How voting changes rules
Good citizenship
Diversity in neighborhoods
Map Key and Directions
Vocabulary showing chronology- past, present, and future
Rural, Urban, and Suburban communities
Map and Globe Skills

How do objects move?
Motion, force, gravity
When is work done?
Simple machines, pulley, wedge, screw, inclined plane, lever
How animal body parts are like simple machines
Magnets – attract, repel
Earth’s weather
Water cycle
Day and night
Solar system


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