Registration for New Families for the 2021-2022 school year opens on February 1, 2021.

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Welcome to PreK 4

Dear Parents:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to the PreK 4 year old class at Saint Dominic School for the 2020-2021 school year. 

 Regular school hours​ for PreK 4 (3 Day Program - Monday,Wednesday, and Friday) are ​8:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. 

 Regular school hours​ for PreK 4 (5 Day Program - Monday through Friday) are ​8:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. 

All PreK 4 students will be required to wear the Saint Dominic School gym uniform and sneakers daily. The gym uniform is available for purchase at ​The School Uniform Shop​, 1105 Richmond Ave. (Route 35 South), Point Pleasant Beach.  
Students are expected to be well-groomed. Please note that boys’ hair should be short and may not exceed the back of the shirt collar. The dress code in its entirety can be found on the school website ​under the “Current Families” tab.  
 Always consult your PreK calendar and newsletter for any changes during the school year.

 We are looking forward to a year that will be both challenging and enjoyable for your child! 


Websites appropriate for preschoolers:

Specific Links from starfall:


This is a fun movement activity called, Shake Your Sillies Out!


Instructions for Friday’s, 2/19/21, general ”Snow Day” packet


Religion - remember to recite our morning prayers, “Dear God” and “Hail Mary”

Math - Gingerbread Ten Frames - Encourage your child to identify each number and color that many squares, i.e., for #6, six of the ten boxes should be colored in.


Printing Practice - Skating Penguins - Using Markers, your child should carefully trace the path each penguin is skating. Remind your child to try his/her best to stay on the dotted lines. Using crayons, your child may color the penguins.


Language Arts - What’s My Sound? - Help your child to identify each letter’s sound and each picture’s beginning sound. Your child should cut out and glue each picture next to its beginning sound.


Spanish - El perro/La perra - means the dog in Spanish.

If you have a male dog, it would be “el perro.”

If you have a female dog, it would be “la perra.”

Google and listen to the pronunciation of el perro and la perra. Say these words with your child. Remember to roll those “rrs!” 

Allow your child to color “El perro/La perra.


Art - Please see Mrs. Kokoll's webpage on the SDS eboard for today's assignment.



Thursday, 2/18/21

Religion -- Seeds, for 2/21/21, Jesus teaches Good News about God. Here is the Gospel story for this Sunday: Jesus went to the desert, which was a very quiet place, to pray to God. Jesus stayed there for forty days. When He was finished Jesus left the desert and returned to the Sea of Galilee. “I have Good News for you,” Jesus said to everyone He met. “God loves you very much.” He went from village to village telling this Good News.

Discuss with your child the cover illustration. Identify Jesus. Ask, “What is happening?”, “What is Jesus telling the people?”, and “Do you think this news made the people happy?”

Pg 2 - Who teaches you to pray? Have your child examine and describe the illustrations to you. Top: Mary and Jesus; middle: people praying in church; bottom: a girl reaching for holy water in the font at church. Note the words next to each illustration. Have your child trace over the dotted lines of each word as you read the words. Do the same with the cross at the bottom, having your child pray the sign of the cross.

Ask, “Who is helping you learn these prayers?” We pray the Sign of the Cross and the Hail Mary here at school. 

Perhaps you can pray the Our Father at home!

Pgs 3 & 4 - Separate pgs 3 & 4 from pgs 2& 3, have your child cut on the heavy black lines. For the “Watch me grow during Lent” booklet, allow your child to color the flower and assist your child in filling out the Good News About Me section. Read the title, “Watch me grow during Lent,” explaining that Lent is a time when we grow in loving God and in showing love to one another. Then tell your child to lift the flap to see his/her flower grow!

On the yellow booklet, have your child write his/her name on the cross where it says, “I am _________, a child of God.” Explain that these are three very important prayers to know. Point out that we already pray two of these prayers at school! Perhaps your child can learn the Our Father at home!


Language Arts - the letter R-r - have your child identify the letter R-r, trace R-r, name and color R-r pictures


Math - Seven Caterpillars - have your child identify #7, count and color 7 caterpillars, and trace #7. 

Can your child write his/her own #7?


Project -- My Bear Counting Book -- Explain to your child that some bears like to eat honey, and that we are going to make a bear counting book today. Your child should:

  1. Color the numbered honey pots yellow and cut them out.

  2. Cut out the numbered bears.

  3.  Glue the correct honey pots to their corresponding bears, i.e., #1 to 1, #2 to 2, etc.

  4. Glue title, “My Counting Bear Book” to the cover of the brown book, add a paw print sticker and name to the cover page.

  5. Place one bear with a honey pot on each page in numerical order. 

  6. Read the finished book together!


Recess -- Play outside in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!