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Dear Parents,
Welcome to the third trimester of First Grade. The strides we made both academically and emotionally are remarkable. We are getting ready to become successful Second graders!
Looking Ahead:

3-1                 Early Dismissal, don't forget your peanut                             free snack!
 3-8                End of Second Trimester
3-4- 3-8         Iowa Testing for grades 2-8
3-15               Report Cards
4-5                 Early Dismissal, don't forget your peanut                              free snack!

4-18 Holy Thursday, Live Stations of the Cross 9:30 A.M. Early Dismissal, no aftercare Easter break begins! Please remember your snack!

School Closed from 4-19 through 4-28 Happy Easter

School Reopens on 4-29-19

• Jesus is our Good Shepherd
• Examination of Conscience
• The Stations of the Cross
• Story of St. Patrick and St. Joseph
• Passion Sunday
• Holy Week
• Celebration of Easter
• Jesus gave us the Gift of Peace
Language Arts:
• continue to work on fluency, intonation, comprehension, and expression
• make predictions and identify key ideas

• find text evidence while comparing texts
• cause and effect
• phonic skills such as /ar/, /ur/, /er/, /ir/, /or/
• long I with y, igh, ie
• long e with y and ey
• final e
• compound words
• correct verb tense with see and saw
• inflectional endings
• commas in a series
• contraction review
• adjectives that compare
• adverbs that tell when
• combining sentences
• proper nouns
• writing descriptive sentences


• comparing and ordering length
• indirect measurement
• problem solving- mixed strategies
• using units to estimate and measure lengths
• addition two-digit numbers
• adding ones and tens with dimes and pennies
• adding ones and tens with and without models
• estimating sums to the nearest ten
• multi-step problems solving
• reviewing math facts to 20
• graphing
• weekly time tests for mastery
Social Studies:
• different kinds of weather
• looking at our land and water
• Earth's resources
• caring for resources and how things have changed

 • properties of matter
• solids, liquids and gases
• how matter changes
• what makes things move
• what is speed
We are almost there and what a great year this has been. Again, thank you parents for all you do!
Maryrose Rybczynski