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  Mrs. Platenyk - Technology


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Virtual Week 4.12.21

Early Elementary Students -

Introduction/Warm Up

Coding Song:

Invention of Computer Programming Language:

1. Discuss the invention of the Programming Language

2. Discuss Grace Hopper and how mathematics interconnected with computers

3.  Identify one invention that they are very happy that was invented (a product they use)

4. Ask some students how would life be different if it wasn’t invented?

3rd through 5th Grades.         

Hidden Figures:



See Google Classroom for assignment due day of class.

6-8th Grades:
Podcast:  Invention of the          
See Google Classroom for quesitons to be answered after listening to the podcast. 


WEEK OF 2/15/21


5A and 7B:  Go to Google Classroom for the link to Ed Club Typing Practice.  Have a great day and stay safe.  ❄️❄️☃️☃️😊😊



Kindergarten and PreK-4

We will read a book "If you give a mouse a Cookie" and discuss how a recipe is like programming.  They are similar in the sense that they must be steps followed and precise. 


SNOW DAY LESSON PLAN. Please refer to this section, if a snow day is called during the upcoming weeks.  Please reach out to me via email with any questions.  

Good morning! I hope everyone is safe and well during this snow day,  If you have any questions please feel free to email me:, While this plan is for all students, only those students that have Computers today are to complete the work. 

PreK-4 Year olds

  1. Visit and FIND THE TECHNOLOGY.  

  2. On that same website go to and use your MOUSE skills to CLICK and DRAG 100 snowballs around.  

NOTE: is a  web based program that DOES NOT ‘work’ on Ipads or Tablets.  If you are using one of those devices, please ignore the assignment \above and visit:

  1. After listening to the story above, discuss with your child/student about the specific, necessary steps to make his/her favorite sandwich.  This relates to computers in that they are creating an ALGORITHM.  It is the specific steps necessary to complete a task.

Kindergarten and First Grade

Watch video:

After watching the video, discuss with your student to summarize what we’ve learned.  I hope they had fun on the ‘trip!’

  1. Which animal did we see that was the largest land animal in the world?  Elephants

  2. We saw Gorillas...are they part of the APE family?  Yes, they are part of the APE family and happen to be the largest animal with that family.

  3. What is the difference between APES AND MONKEYS?  Apes do not have tails, but monkeys do have tails.

  4. It is important for us all to be clean...How do you stay clean?  We take care of ourselves by washing our hands, taking a bath or shower, brushing our teeth every morning and each night, washing our clothes, etc. Can you think of anything else we do to help stay clean?  

  5. One of the animals was a giraffe.  They eat very healthy vegetables.  Can you name your favorite vegetable?  Can you name a vegetable that is GREEN? (Broccoli, spinach, kale, lettuce, etc)How about YELLOW? (Squash, peppers, corn, some potatoes)  How about ORANGE? (Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkins)

  6. ZEBRAS:  stripes are not the same on both sides and every zebra has different pattern.  It is like our fingerprints.  We each have a unique fingerprint.  

  7. CAMEL:  Dromedary is a 1 humped camel and a Bactrain Camel has 2 humps.  

  8. TIGER:  the largest animal in the CAT family.

  9. LION:  Is it the male or female that has hair around its face?  MALE

2nd - 3rd Grades

Today we will practice keyboarding skills. Please go to the website below and practice keyboarding for about 15-20 minutes.  The worksheets below, are refresher information for your parents/guardians, if necessary.

WORKSHEETS:  if necessary.


4-8th grades:

Today you will have an opportunity to CHOOSE your Technology/Computer activity. Log onto your Google Classroom to get the CHOICE BOARD. Choose ONE activity to complete.


PreK-1st grade

Jack Hartmann - count by 2’s




Use the printout of a hand or foot, create a path for the students to use - hands or feet and relate that to coding.  Give each student an opportunity to play the game. 

2 and 3rd grades

  • Refresh Students and remind them of last week’s lesson and vocabulary.

  • Distribute worksheet with Binary Alphabet Coding - I will be projecting this onto the board for virtual students to see/use

  • Demonstrate how to create a word using Binary Code

  • Allow students time to create their own name using the worksheet as a guide

If time allows, have students create a word for another student to guess


Have student volunteers come to board to write their code on the board and have students solve for the word. 

4th and 5th

Current Events and Sharing of ALL ABOUT ME! Google Slideshow

6, 7 and 8th grades

Current Events and sharing of their Google Slideshow respective presentations.


The information is for classes PreK-3 through 2nd grade (if applicablle).  All others should check their Google Classroom sites.  3rd -5th Grades should remain on the Google Meet established by their teachers, as well, for COMPUTERS.  Middle School should go to my Google Classroom for the Goolge Meets link.  

Monday, January 4, 2020

PreKA - 4 Year Olds

At 10:15am - 10:45am on Monday, I will be joining the virtual classroom (Google Meet) that Miss Ingraham establishes. I look forward to seeing all of you!  😊 🌟


1B - Mrs. Rybczynski 

11:25 - 11:55:  I will be joining the virtual classroom that Mrs. Rybczynki sets up and establishes.  I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday, January 4th! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2020

PreK - 3 Year Olds - Miss Ingraham's Class

I will see you all at 9:05am - 9:35am.  I will join the virtual classroom (Google Meets) that Miss Ingraham establishes for your class. 

I look forward to seeing you then! 🖥 😊 

Kindergarten - Mrs. Bucci's Class

11:25 - 11:55:  I will be joining the virtual classroom that Mrs. Bucci sets up and establishes.  I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday, January 5th! Meantime, -

2nd and 3rd grades

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING - We will watch this video

We will write our names in binary code on a lined piece of paper



Week of November 23, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!  

4B - 

The lesson is about the book:  HUMAN FIGURES 

Would you consider her a hero? Why or why not.

What words describe her and her character/values/ethics?

Hand out the word search(S) when discussion is completed. One is on State Capitals and the other is specific to the book. These documnets can be found on the Virtual Classroom site so you can print them.


Repeat Lesson from Above.  


Students will be working on their research project/presentation:  Famous Athlete or Musician on their IPADs.  


Students will be working on their research project/presentation: Famous Athlete or Musician on their Chromebooks

Recess Duty:  Please go to the LIBRARY at 12:43 and so that 8B can go out for recess.

PREKA-3 year olds:


READ the book aloud.  

Discuss computer hardware.  Hardware are the things we can see and touch with computers.  These include the monitor or screen, keyboard, mouse, printers, headset, microphone, etc. 

Word of the DAY...

H is for HARDWARE - what is the first sound you hear in the word - hardware?

Distribute the Trace the Letters worksheet (Capital and Lowercase - Hardware). This worksheet was sent home, 

Discuss Hardware and what is hardware again, as they are at their seats and tracing the words.   Distribute the worksheet that depicts computer hardware - Monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset and printer.  Have them cut out and glue onto the contraction paper.  If time allows:  color them.

If time allows:  have them draw a picture of their computer.


4A  See plans from Monday 4B

6A  See plans from Monday 6A

8A:  The students will be working on their College/University research projects/presentations.


Materials needed:  paper with squares outlined to create a bracelet and crayons.  Papers were sent home. 

A second activity:

  • Ask students to draw their favorite foods for Thanksgiving.  Discuss their pictures.  

WEDNESDAY - ½ DAY  30 minute classes

3B - see lesson plan from 4th and/or 5th grades

8B - Same as 8A.  Students will be working on their College/University presentation.

1B: same as KB from Tuesday

KA:  Same as KB from Tuesday

1A:  Same as KB from Tuesday

Week of November 16, 2020

PreK-1st grade

Pattern Dance from GoNoodle

Choose a few students to create their own patterns to dance to...


G is for graphic and gigabyte


Counting Big Numbers

Distribute the Trace The Words worksheet


With students, create 1, 10, 100, 1,000, etc using props (cut out numbers) on floor


Kindergarten and First Grades:  Distribute the CALCULATOR worksheet I designed. 

Have students cut out each circle and glue onto the second sheet of paper to resemble a calculator


Dance Music:



2 and 3rd grade: Each student receives 2 colored origami paper given to them by teacher.

SWBAT  enhances their skills -- including improved spatial perception and logical and sequential thinking

  • identify which part of the paper to fold.

  • distinguish angles.

  • construct origami animal by means of pictures.

  • compare their work with the example of what it's supposed to look like.

  • Follow directions to create an origami animal

 Create the DOG on the attached sheet using ORIGAMI paper



Probably will not get to:  BIRD:

If time allows:  Turkey WOBBLE


Week of October 19, 2020  

PreK - 2nd grades

SWBAT:  Recognize the different kinds of feelings they can have when using technology

SWBAT: Know what to do when they don’t have a good feeling when using technology

Use COMMON SENSE EDUCATION “How Technology Makes You Feel” lesson plan and handouts.  

Scissors, Glue and Glue Sticks

Ollie OutsideScreen Free Fun

3rd grades-5th GRADES

In grades 4 and 5...continue with CURRENT EVENTS and then we will:

SWBAT: Explain what the internet is (a way to communicate and share information), illustrate ways their family uses the internet, and give examples of enjoyable activities that do not involve technology. 

What is the internet?

  • Distribute paper for them to draw a picture or Teacher will write the following sentence starter on the white board: The internet is _____."  Give instructions for students take a few minutes and then discuss as group and the teacher will guide discussion about what the internet is from the video information. 

  • actively participate in the class discussion.

  • Show the following videos 

Go to the Internet Related videos

Discuss both videos

Vocabulary:  Internet, IP Address, Router, etc.

Grades 7

Complete Current Events

Tips to Create a Google SlideShow

Have students begin and complete WEBQUEST on Veteran’s Day.  Found on Google Classroom page

SWBAT:  Do research using Internet

SWBAT:  Create links from photos

SWBAT: Cut, Paste and RESIZE photos copied from Internet

Grade 8:  Complete CURRENT EVENTS

Students should be completing their ESSAY comparing and contrasting the 3 websites on Internet Safety.  It is due before next class.




PRE-K THROUGH 1st Grades

 How Technology Makes You Feel - Lesson Slides  On Shared Virtual Folder

   Need:  Glue stick,



2ND - 3rd Grades

Lesson:  Common Sense Education:  Device Free Moments  Shared Virtual Folder

Printout 2 Handouts -

Please Note:  If you do not have a printer, please open up the documents, one at a time, and answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.  Thank you.  

Handout #1:

Handout #2

Pencil and Possibly crayons

If time allows: 

  •  Hand out a piece of lined paper to each student

  • Go over spelling of COMPUTER PARTS

  • Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers, Printer, Central Processing Unit, Tower, Headphones

Grades 4 - 8

CURRENT EVENTS Presentations

Show video (2.5 minutes) as warm up

On Virtual Shared Folder:  TECHNOLOGY CURRENT EVENT if I need an example

Review Last Week’s Lesson since Mrs. Jenks was subbing.  I was proctoring Renaissance testing in Computer Lab

Grades 4-6  After above lessons and if time allows:

Have students log onto IPADs to   

PLAY the TWALKERS game.    


7 and 8th grades: After CURRENT EVENTS:  2 weeks

Internet Safety Games on the following site: (Passwords, Cyberbullying, etc.)

Next week, ask them to write an essay comparing and contrasting 3 of the sites.

Digital Passports (above), NS Teens (below) and Interland by Google.



PreK - Kindergarten


Use Computer Parts print out to review to both Virtual Learners and Class

Read and Discuss:  "Piano and Layla Go Online" 

Chick A Chick A Boom Boom:

10 Apples on Top:

Handout:  PreK-4  Scissor Cutting Practice

Handout:  Kindergarten:  Charlie Computer Capitals and Lower Case Keyboard


1st - 2nd Grades


Handouts:  Worksheet to complete Parts of a Computer 


3rd Grade through 6th Grades:

Have students Draw a picture of what they think the inside of computer, phone, tablet, IPAD, etc. looks like.  

Then we will look at: and include the 


Discuss and then show:

Discuss and compare/contrast what their pictures looked like and how the inside looked from the video. 

7th and 8th Grades:

Keyboarding Practice... On Google Classroom, there are several different sites they can choose.  

Keyboarding TIMED TEST : 

Test:  #26 Classic Tales for 3 minutes.  Please UNCHECK the 'allow backspacing' on page 2 of this site.  Begin when ready.  Be sure to record your scores somewhere for the week after next's lesson. (Next week is for Current Events)

When done:  Internet Safety Game:

Students will present their current events during next week's class, they should be researching their article and creating the media for delivery.


Week of September 28th, 2020

PreK - Kindergarten and 1st grades


READ ALOUD:  (15 minutes) and discuss:  "If You Give a Mouse an IPhone"



Mouse Coloring Handout

Practice Our Cutting Worksheet

2nd and 3rd Grades

Read and discuss:  "Chicken Clicking"



4th - 6th Grades:

Introduction to Coding:  Following Directions

Broken Keyboards

Read and Discuss: "Magic School Bus Gets Programmed"

7th and 8th Grades

Keyboarding:  Go to Google Classroom's ED CLUB link (10 minutes)

Internet Safety Game: