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Welcome to Preschool


                                                          Monday, June 1st, 2020


Religion    Last class

Your child can begin to anticipate summer fun and thank God and their parents for the experience of preschool


Summer vacation is a time of rest. The Bible tells us “There is an appointed time for everything” Ecclesiastes 3:1. It is a time to think back on what has happened, enjoy God’s world, and plan ahead. Setting aside time to rest allows us to be more present in the world around us and to take part in, with purpose, the day-to-day activities of our lives. Although this will be a summer unlike any summer we have experienced ( for safety reasons) explain to your child summer is coming and there will be no more preschool classes (even Remotely.) Discuss activities you  plan on having during the summer (picnics, going to the beach, playing outdoor activities, camping-even if it's in their backyard); talk about God giving us summer vacation so we can have time to play, have fun and rest up for Kindergarten; have your God give thanks to God for the gift of summer and relaxing time at home with our families; Let us give thanks to God for giving us summer: have your child repeat, after you, a prayer from the Bible:

     I will praise you among the peoples, Lord (child repeats)

     I will chant your praise among the nations (child repeats)

     For your mercy towers to the heavens (child repeats and stretches their arms toward the sky)


This is the time I would hand out the God Made The World Certificate of Completion to your child congratulating them on a job well done!! It will be put in with their clothing and things they left behind that will be given out to you at a later date.

Copy and color one of the pictures below about a summer activity they look forward to doing


Language Arts


Your child will review shape and sound of letters  Y,y and Z,z


Show your child each letter Y,y and  Z,z; see if they can identify the capital and lowercase letters and come up with the sound of some things that begin with that letter Y (yell, yellow, yak, yes) and  Z (zoo, zebra, zigzag, zipper)  hard concept for PreK, but there may be some up to the challenge. Download any paper they choose from site below & practice printing the letters following the direction of the arrows, holding the grip of the pencil correctly       pinch and flip method 


print letters (Y,y  Z,z) below and practice printing, starting AT THE TOP and color in  





Your child will read along and learn about summer fun and safety rules while swimming


Go to:  


                                         Splish, Slash Summer Fun!


And have your child sing to the tune of London Bridges: 


            Summer swimming keeps you cool, keeps you cool, keeps you cool. Summer swimming keeps you cool, follow safety rules!


Read along and put thumbs up if the children are following a safety rule, or thumbs down if NOT following a safety rule. After reading our "Splish, Splash Summer Fun" issue, have your child help Clifford's friend Jack decide what he should do if he wants to go swimming, but there is no adult around? Discuss. Ask why is waiting for a grownup a safe thing to do? Ask how do grownups keep you safe in water? Have your child help Clifford find summer S words from word bank list and click on in the big picture. 


Watch video and review High Five Summer Safety Rules:


1. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin 

2. Swim with a grown-up 

3. Drink lots of water 

4. Wear a helmet when riding a bike or scooter, and 

5. Stay away from fire  


Get moving and have fun with a Dance Break and do a doggie paddle, shake, shake, shake - FREEZE- breathe in, breathe out and melt down to the ground!


Lastly, play a video game about patterns, remembering patterns repeat themselves


As school comes to a close, your child has learned important summer safety rules so they can have a safe and fun filled summer!  God Bless!


June Summer Fun Calendar With Your Little One


Monday June 1st is It’s National Say Something Nice Day. Tell your child a story about a time someone said something nice to you and how it made you feel. Remember: you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar!




Review with IXL but don’t forget to practice identifying and printing numbers 1-10 throughout the summer (as well as printing your Name with capital and lowercase letters) to get ready for Kindergarten.



Mrs. Dodd’s final PreK 4 gym activity for the week of June 1st

Try these new Family Go Noodle activities this week:



Here is the Art assignment for the week of June 1-5. 
Art assignment/June 1-5  It's Shark Week in Art! This assignment is optional . . .
I don't want to add any more stress to your week! Because of the pandemic, you might be struggling to get your
young child used to wearing a mask when you go out. Try making a SHARK MASK. The process is simple if you
have a blue, disposable mask handy. Show your child how to cut out triangles from white paper and then glue
them at the top and bottom edge of the mask. These teeth do not have to be perfect triangles, as shark's teeth
are jagged. So, this is a great activity to work on those cutting skills. The "teeth" will show up because the mask
is blue. (You can also trace and cut out a mask shape from white paper and have your child color it blue before
gluing on the teeth.)If you're really adventurous, have your child make one for everybody in the family. Then,
put your masks on and sing and dance to any one of the  hundreds of "Baby Shark" videos on YouTube! Have fun!








                 Monday, May 25th 2020                


A Moment of Remembrance honoring and mourning those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces

Enjoy your day off!!


                                                          Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Religion Father’s Day

Your child will begin to understand that God gave them fathers & father-like figures to appreciate all that they do for them

Discuss with your child how God gave us fathers or father-like figures to care for us: ask what are some of the many things they do to show their love for you and your family? Explain Jesus told us that God is our heavenly Father too. Ask your child who was Jesus' foster father on earth (St. Joseph) Explain that St. Joseph took good care of Jesus and Mary, Jesus’ mother.  Explain to your child that it is important to ask God to watch over our father & father-like figures and we can do that in prayer;  Let’s ask God the Father to bless our fathers and those who are like fathers to us:  “Dear Father in heaven, please bless my father or someone who takes care of me like a father. Amen”

Have your child sing the following words to the tune of London Bridges:

           God the Father, I love you, I love you, I love you

           God the Father I love you, my good Father.

           God the Father, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you

           God the Father, I thank you, I thank you for my father.


Your child can make a Father's Day card drawing a picture of something their father or father-like figure does for them, or pick one of the pictures below to color to give to them on Father’s Day     or


Language Arts

Today, we will review the shape and sound of letters  Uu, V,v


See if your child can recognize the letters U,u and Vv and if they can come up with the sound and some things that begin with that letter U (up,umbrella, uncle, under) V (van, vegetable, volcano, vest ) As I have commented on before, it is a hard concept for PreK, but there may be some up to the challenge. You can download any paper they choose from site below on the letters U,u and V,v & have your child practice printing those letters following the direction of the arrows, and holding the grip of the pencil correctly


Go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method        


print letters (U,u  V,v) below and practice printing  


 Don’t forget to color in the picture. Remember, you are getting ready for Kindergarten!



Your child will learn that wind is moving air and helps push things up

Have your child read along with Clifford's My Big World "Up, Up, Up"; discuss how the wind moves the seeds all over, umbrellas inside out, help kites soar high into the sky, and if you don't hold on - blow our hats of our heads; learn Cifford's big word for the day: Breeze - ask your child what they think breeze means (a soft, gentle wind) have them pick out which thing a breeze could blow away: a cow, leaf, car, bubbles (leaf and bubbles if you hold the wand up) Have your child pretend they are a feather in the wind and move like a soft breeze; have them decide if they would move fast or slow? on page 4, have your child click on the pictures that show a windy day


Watch the video “The Power of the Wind” and observe all the things the wind can do: push sailboats, help us surf on water and land, and fly our kites; the wind is all around us, helping us every day to light our homes, give us heat among other things.

Do you remember Ms. Davis song: 

                                                   I Am the Wind

                            I am the wind and when I blow, hold your hats, don”t let go

                            I like to toss it to and thro when I’m passing by.

                            I am the wind and when I blow, branches sway to and fro

                            I make the leaves come tumbling down when I come to town!

                            You never can see me, never can touch me, I’m too fast for you

                            But when I’m near, sometimes you hear WOO, OOOH, OOOH

                            I am the wind and when I blow, shutters smash, windmills blow

                            Ships begin tossing on the sea, all because of me!!


Finally, play a game and help dress Little Monster for a snowy day, cold and rainy day and a hot day!  Have fun learning about the wind!


Go to:   page 2 March 2019




From our Daily Fun with Your Little One June calendar here’s a fun experiment to do:


Pour milk in a saucer and drop in different colors of food coloring. Dip a cotton swab in dish soap and swirl it slowly through the milk.  Watch what happens!!




Mrs. Dodd’s Gym lesson for the week of May 25th


Try these Family Go Noodle links this week:


                                                        Friday, May 29th, 2020


Religion  Pentecost Sunday, May 31st the Birthday of the Church

Your child will learn ways that people can be helpers and begin to express an understanding that God's Son, Jesus, sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper


Begin the lesson with having your child sing the following verse to the tune of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" and do the motions

                   This is the way we set the table, set the table, set the table, 

                   This is the way we set the table so early in the morning!

                   This is the way we carry the package, carry the package, carry the package,

                   This is the way we carry the package so early in the morning! 

                   This is the way we share our toys, share our toys, share our toys

                   This is the way we share our toys, so early in the morning!

                   This is the way we show we care, show we care, show we care

                   This is the way we show we care so early in the morning!


Ask your child how did they help at school? (calendar person, line leader, flag holder, cleaned up after we worked) Ask how can they be a helper at home? (get the mail, share toys, put toys away)


Explain God's Son, Jesus, gave his friends a helper who would be with them always. Jesus said, "Peace be with you...Receive the Holy Spirit". The Holy Spirit is with us always. The Holy Spirit brings us peace. 


Play a version of Simon Says:

    "Simon says touch your toes if sharing toys brings you peace..

    “Simon says clap your hands if keeping all your crayons for yourself brings you peace..              

    “Simon says jump up & down if speaking kind words brings peace." 


Explain when we go to church we share a sign of peace with one another.

You can raise your hand like you are saying "Hi" and say "Peace be with you" Let's practice this now. 

In closing, pray: "Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with your love and peace."

Watch a video on Pentecost from the Children’s Bible    Pentecost



Have your child draw a picture of themself showing how they can be a peacemaker (picking up after themselves, making a card/flowers for a grandparent, keeping a younger sibling occupied while mommy makes dinner) 


Language Arts

Your child will review shape and sound of letters  W,w  X,x

Show your child an uppercase W,w and X,x and see if they can recognize the letter and see if they can come up with the sound and some things that begin with that letter W (wolf, watch, whale, wiggle) and end X (X-ray, fox, box, mix )   


Download any paper they choose of letters W,w  and Xx,from the site below & practice printing the letters following the direction of the arrows, and holding the grip of the pencil correctly


Go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method        


print letters (W,w  X,x) below and practice printing  



Don’t forget to color in the picture!



Your child will enjoy a summer fun activity that we all love to do..blow and pop bubbles!


Read along to Clifford's My Big World May/June 2020 issue "Pop Goes the Bubble" as you read along, learn all about Bubble Science and bubble fun facts.

Learn Clifford's big word for the day: BURST which also means POP. 

On the last page, trace the bubbles and count how many they traced (10)

Watch the video “Let's Blow Bubbles” and learn how to make your own bubble solution and your own bubble wand. Have fun learning bubbles come in many shapes & sizes; how do bubbles pop (wind, can pop them and so do we)

Finally, practice their uppercase letters by listening for the name of the letter and click the bubble with that letter and watch it pop! 

For extra work, you can  download two additional pages. One to circle the pair that has more bubbles, and the other to practice identifying upper and lowercase B,b, by cutting and pasting the letters and putting them in the correct bubbles

Go to:



Have your child count and sort his/her toys and stuffed animals while helping you clean up their room.



A fun activity off my May calendar for little ones is to put several items in a bag ( such as a spoon, a pen, a sock, a ball, a doll, and so on) Have your child pull items out of the bag and say a word that rhymes with each item. Great rhyming practice.




                                                      Monday May 18th, 2020


Religion  Birthdays

Your child will begin to understand that their lives are a gift from God the Father.

Ask your child what do we celebrate on our birthdays (the day we were born) Discuss- sometimes we get gifts on our birthdays, but our most precious gift comes from God. God gives us our life. Have your child repeat "Thank you God for giving me life!"

Ask what do we usually do on our birthdays? (have parties, invite our family and friends, get presents, play games, have birthday cake and ice cream) What do we put on the birthday cake and what do they represent? (candles and our age) Explain our life is a gift from God. Life is a wonderful gift. What can you do because you're alive? Listen to this prayer from the Bible: "I praise you, because  you are wonderfully made." Once a year we celebrate our lives on our birthdays. Our parents remember that wonderful day when we were born. Today we are celebrating the life of everyone here.

Go to:  

download a bear mixing up a cake     

Enjoy and sing along with the birthday song, and have your child color in the bear that could be making a cake for their birthday


Language Arts

Review with your child, the shape and sound of letters  N,n  O,o  P,p & see if they can come up with the sound and some things that begin with that letter N (no, nice, night, net, nine,) O (octopus, orange, off, on,old ) and P (play, plant, pet, pot, pan) As I have said before, this is a hard concept for PreK, but there may be some up to the challenge. 

Please download any paper they choose of letters N,n  O,o  P,p from the site below & practice printing those letters following the direction of the arrows, and practice holding the grip of the pencil correctly

To practice holding the pencil correctly. Go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method      

print letters below to practice (N,n O, o P,p)  and don’t forget to color in the picture!


Project: Life Science

This week is Insect week. Today your child will learn about  Ladybugs.

First discuss now that the weather is getting nicer out and they are in their yards more often, it’s time to learn about the marvelous bugs around them: have your child watch the story Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Bauer and learn about ladybugs, daddy long legs, caterpillars, ants, roly polies and more.  Do the read along book: A Ladybug Larva Grows Up by Katie Marsico and learn the life cycle of a ladybug; students will do a word match about new words they discovered in our books   go to Day 11

Have fun discovering all the little creatures about your feet in the spring and summer months; sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider song along with the finger play and draw your favorite bug. My granddaughter Cecilia’s favorite bug that she LOVES to bring over to me when I visit is the roly poly one and they do truly rollup into a little ball when they get scared. CiCi is very gentle with all God’s creatures, but she likes to see my reaction when she brings over an insect….

IXL Review 

Good review for language arts for the next couple of weeks for those who want more work


                                       Wednesday, May 20th, 2020


Religion  Review of Birthdays and Intro to Ascension Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Review with your child Monday's lesson- what do we celebrate once a year? (birthdays) Have your child sing to the tune of Happy Birthday: "God, we thank you for life. God, we thank you for life. Our life is your good gift. God, we thank you for life."

Have your child recall the most precious gift God has given us: our lives and sing along to another birthday song below from Sesame Street; Discuss with your child that tomorrow, May 21st, is Ascension Thursday when Jesus rose up to heaven, Have your child watch a Bible story on Ascension Thursday; Sesame birthday song

go to for Ascension Thursday Bible story:

Your child can make a booklet about all the things they can thank God for titled: The Gift of Life and draw pictures of them: enjoying a sunset or garden of beautiful flowers; feeling your pet’s fur, the warmth of the sun or a hug; enjoying your favorite foods (pizza, strawberries, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies) shouting for joy, whispering a message, singing your favorite song, and celebrating & blowing out candles on a birthday cake, thanking God that you are alive!


Language Arts

Have your child review the shape and sound of letters  Q,q and R,r  see if they can come up with some things that begin with that letter: Q (queen, quick, quarter, quilt, quiet) R (red, rain, rat, ring,rabbit ) Again, a hard concept for PreK, but there may be some up to the challenge.  Please download an paper they choose of Q,q and R,r  from site below & practice printing the letters following the direction of the arrows, holding the grip of the pencil correctly

To practice holding the pencil correctly. Go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method       

 then print letters Q,q and R,r below to practice printing   don’t forget to color in the pictures


Project:  Life Science 

Your child will learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly by watching the story Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert, and learn how the butterfly lay eggs that hatch into caterpillars, and as they eat leaves they become bigger and bigger shedding their skin many times and lastly form a chrysalis transforming into beautiful butterflies that can fly all around only to repeat the life cycle over again and again;

Have your child read along in the book Butterflies and learn about their colorful wings and what those wings tell predators; learn what  butterflies eat and how they smell and learn how they drink the nectar from flowers to get energy; students will then do a word match from new words learned from the stories, play a sequence game in What Came First and explore the web for more fun things to do. Please go to:  go to Day 13


Mrs. Dodd's lesson week of May 18

Try these 2 new Family Go Noodle links this week

                                                   Friday, May 22, 2020



Your child will be able to review or learn about Noah's Ark and learn that the rainbow is God's promise he will never flood the whole world again   

 Have your child draw a beautiful rainbow to remember God's promise, or the above first school site has a craft you can copy to color in a rainbow and an ark to cut and paste on another paper to complete a nice Religion project


Language Arts

Review with your child the letters S,s and T,t and see if they can come up with the sound and some things that begin with that letter: S (sun, soup, sand, soap, sit) T (two, teacher, table, ten, toys) once again, a hard concept for PreK, but there may be some up to the challenge.  Download any S,s or T,t paper they choose from the site below & practice printing the letters following the direction of the arrows, holding the grip of the pencil correctly.     

Go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method       

then download letters (S,s and T,t) below to practice printing and color in the picture  

Project Science/Math

We will finish up insect week reading about Backyard Insects from Clifford's My Big World

Have your child listen to the" Backyard Insects" issue and learn about mosquitos, fireflies, bees, ants and stink bugs; they will be introduced to the word "observe" which means to look closely at something; add six legs on each of their ladybugs; they will watch a video on "Insects, Insects Everywhere" and play a video game adding and creating their own insects

Go to:  May/June 2019

“Backyard Insects”

Now you have learned that insects have three body parts, two antennae and six legs. If you have a magnifying glass buried in your toy box, dig it out, go outside in this beautiful weather and explore all the exciting insects you have read about this week

Math IXL

For those who want to work more on math skills see below




                                          Monday May 11th, 2020


Religion   God Made Laughter

Your child will learn that God wants them to be happy

I have a picture on the chalkboard of Jesus laughing. I have often shared this picture with your child because I wanted them to picture Jesus enjoying himself, as they often only associate the image of Jesus on the cross. See if they can remember that picture. It is my favorite! God the Father wants us to be happy. God likes to see us smiling and hear us laughing. Ask your child can an animal laugh? We are  special. God gave us the gift of laughter. Ask your child when do they feel their happiest? What makes them happy? We are happy when we act like Jesus - when we do nice things for people, and when we are kind and loving.  In heaven, our happiness will never stop. Listen to what Jesus says: “Your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you.” Jesus tells us we will be happy and our joy will last forever! Jesus wants us to be happy because when we are happy, it becomes contagious! God & Jesus promise us an eternity of joy; 


Go to: to sing “If You're Happy and You Know”


Language Arts:

Today we will be reviewing the shape and sound of letters  E,e  F,f  G,g

Review each letter & see if they can come up with the sound and some things that begin with that letter E (egg, excellent, eagle, earth, eat) F (frog, fun, family, football, fish, face, fan) and G (girl, guitar, glasses, gorilla, gate, grapes, good) It is a hard concept for PreK, but there may be some up to the challenge. Students will download the letter paper they choose from site below & practice printing the letters following the direction of the arrows, holding the grip of the pencil correctly and most importantly START AT THE TOP 

First to practice holding the pencil correctly,  go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method



 then print any Ee,Ff,Gg letter paper you choose below to practice on  

Please take your time and do your best!


Today read along with a story: Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins and learn about baby chicks

Have your child read along with Rosie's Walk and answer some questions to see if they can interpret from pictures: who was following Rosie while she walked? (fox) where does Rosie live? (farm) where did she walk? (across the yard, around the pond, over the haystack) why do you think the fox was following Rosie? (wanted to eat her) what happened to the fox at the end? (was chased by bees) did Rosie get back safely toher pen? (yes)

Read about A Chick Grows Up: ask, in what family does a chick belong? (bird), who lays the eggs? (hen) how long does it take for eggs to hatch? (21 days) how does the chick get out of the egg? (uses its egg tooth) what grows on a chick's head? (a comb) and grows under the chick's beak? (a wattle) Lastly, who lays eggs, a Rooster or a hen? Lastly, have fun doing the word match, answering fact or fiction, and what came first

Go to: Week 2, Day 10 at


Personal Development

Review with your child their birthday and their age


Art Special from Mrs. Kokoll

Art assignment/week of May 11-15: It's "Home Sweet Home" week in Art! Homes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Talk to your child about different kinds of homes. Look at your own house . . . can they find squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles? Talk about animal homes. What do they look like? How are they built? (A fun story to reference is The Three Little Pigs with their houses of straw, sticks, and bricks.) Ask your child to create a home for someone or something. It could be a home for a favorite stuffed animal, a pet, or an imaginary friend. How you choose to approach this project depends on available supplies, time, and patience. Maybe your child can create a simple drawing of a birdhouse without any help. Or, get the whole family involved in the creation of an elaborate pillow fort for Mr. Teddy! Have fun!


                                                             Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Religion  God Made Laughter

Your child will want to spread joy and happiness to others and be thankful to God for the gift of laughter.

Review previous lesson & ask again what makes your child happy: If you have an index card draw a happy face on one side, and an unhappy face on the other side;(like the emojis) You could also just ask your child to look in the mirror and show a happy face, a sad face, a grumpy face. Ask how we can make our mother happy? How can we make our father happy? How can we make our brother and/or sister happy? How can we make our friends happy; 

Have your child softly close their eyes and repeat this prayer:

                                 Dear God, thank you for making us to be happy. Thank you for the

                                 Gift of laughter. I love you. Help us to make others happy!

Talk about parties and their role in making us happy. Ask: Do you think parties are fun? What do you do at parties? When you are having fun, what do you do? (smile, laugh) What do you sometimes wear on your head at a party? At the end of this, if you can, make a party hat and have your child design and decorate it any way they wish! If you don’t have the materials, just put this song on and sing along: If You’re Happy and You Know It   They LOVE singing this song in school.

My mom always said when we got grumpy or moody (and there were five of us) “laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone.”  Something to think about…..



Today your child will review the shape and sound of letters H,h  I,i  J,j

First have your child identify the letters H, I,Jand see if they remember objects beginning with the letters: H (house, happy, hen, heart, hat) I (igloo, imagine, ice, ice cream, ill) J (jump, jack-in-the-box, jacket, jelly, jet)

Then download individual letter papers from the site below,  follow the arrows (starting at the top of each letter) and  properly print each letter. Color in the pictures  

Remember to take your time and do your best work!


Today your child will review the seasons, especially Spring

Have your child listen to the story:  And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano

follow up with questions for reading comprehension: Name the season where everything is brown. (winter); what did the boy plant? (seeds) what did he worry about? (seeds not growing-birds eating them, bears stomping the ground) what did the boy imagine when he put his ear to the ground? (hearing seeds grow, grass growing green) what did the illustrator show was underground? ( little animal creatures all snug for winter) what color did the brown turn at the end of the story: GREEN;

Read along with:  How Do We Know When It’s Spring?  (flowers bloom, birds migrate, birds chirping) How many Seasons are there? (4)  What comes after winter? (Spring) What is the weather like in spring (warmer weather, days are longer, lots of rain) What happens in the spring? (animals awake from hibernation, baby birds are born, bunnies and ducklings, grass gets greener and flowers blossom and grow) After the stories, have your child do Word Match, and What Came First (all of these help with vocabulary, retelling a story and sequence.)

Go to:

Personal Development

Have your child practice their telephone number


Mrs. Dodd's Lesson week of May 11          

                                                              Friday, May 15th, 2020


Your child will hear the Bible story of God's creation

Go to:

Have your child go out in their yard and have a great big look around to see all the things God created for us,(grass, flowers, birds,rabbits, clouds, blue skies, themselves) give thanks to God for His wonderful creation, and draw their favorite thing that God created


Language Arts

Your child will review the shape and sound of the letters K,k  L,l  M,m

Have your child identify the letters K,k L,l M,m and see if they can name objects that begin with each letter: K (kite, kangaroo, key, kick, kiss) L (lollipop, lick, ladder, laugh, land) and M (mommy, mad, magic, map, money) 

Download a paper from the site below that corresponds with the letter and practice printing properly each uppercase and lowercase letter. Remember to hold that pencil correctly. Use the pinch and flip method and color nicely.  

Remember to take your time and do your best work


Today we will explore a little Earth Science through fiction and facts

Your child will enjoy a wonderful story Sylvester & the Magic Pebble by William Steig  (one of Ms. Davis’ favorite books), and learn more about earth science while reading along with Rocks and Minerals

Have your child watch the story Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and follow up with questions for recall: what did Sylvester like to do? (pebbles with unusual shape & color) What did Sylvester find one rainy day?( a magic red pebble that could make wishes come true) What happened on his way home? (He ran into a lion & panicked wishing he was a rock) How did his parents feel when he didn’t come home? (upset, sad) Seasons passed  & what happened one spring day? (his parents went for a picnic) What did his father find? (the red pebble) Where did his father put it? (on the rock) How does the story end?(Sylvester wished he were himself again).

Have your child read Rock Collecting and learn about rocks and minerals


Go to Day 8:


Have your child draw a picture of their favorite part of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble; and do a Word Match and answer Fact or Fiction questions about the two stories they read. Who knows, maybe they will want to start a rock collection of their very own!


Math: Number Development

It’s National Chocolate Chip Day. Use chocolate chips to solve simple addition and subtraction problems, count out how many?, and understand more/less. Then have a sweet treat!


                              Monday, May 4th, 2020

Religion: Mother's Day Chapter

Discuss with your child how God gave us mothers to love & care for us; ask what do our moms do for us? discuss how once a year we celebrate a special day and do special things for our moms, when is that day?  Mothers Day;  what are some things we can do for our moms to make them feel special on Mother’s Day? discuss scripture where God tells us to "obey your parents"; discuss when our moms tell us to do something, it’s because she wants what’s good for us. She wants us to be healthy & happy. What are some things our moms tell us to do?

A fun project you can do with your child is to  make a "flower" by tracing their hand;

Go to:

Read and follow directions for making a beautiful Mother’s Day gift!  If you prefer not to use paint, you may trace your child’s hand instead! Your child may prefer to make his/her own leaves, stem, and flowerpot.  If not, an adult may precut leaves, a stem, and a flowerpot! Make sure your child signs his/her name.

Personal Development

Have your child practice printing their first name forming their letters correctly as is printed on the name card we sent home in September. In general, please practice this on a daily basis. Your child should be printing their name on all the work papers they do every day, as they will be doing that in Kindergarten in September. 



 We are going to review numbers 1-10 by listening to Ten Terrible Dinosaurs and completing a dinosaur ditto 1-10

go to YouTube listen to story Ten Terrible Dinosaurs counting 10, 9,  8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,  1; download   and count along with the little boy.

Then go to:

to download dinosaur ditto and practice printing numbers 1-10. You will need paper and pencil


Language Arts

This week we are going to  learn about bears by listening to a fictional story Bear Snores On by Karen Wilson and then learn some facts about bear cubs in A Bear Cub Grows Up. Since this is the week leading up to Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to see how bear cubs’ mothers take care of their cubs and teach them just like your moms teach you to be safe and healthy!

Go to:

After the stories, have fun doing a Word Match, and answer Fact or Fiction about all the things you learned about  bears today.

Remember, you can go to IXL for additional practice identifying lowercase letters with uppercase, etc: for this week

                                                                 Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Religion   Mother’s Day Chapter

 Review with your child how our moms take care of us and how they show they love us every day. 

Show a picture of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and ask who she is? ask whose mother was she? What do you think she did for Jesus? Help them begin to realize that Mary, Jesus' mother, took care of him when he was little just like your moms take care of you: Mary helped Jesus take his first steps, speak his first words, cooked for him, made his clothes and taught him to pray. Mary loved her son, Jesus, just like our moms love us. The wonderful news is that Mary is our Mother too. Tradition tells us that from the Cross, Jesus officially gave us the gift of Mary, his mother, when he said to the apostle John, “Behold, your mother”, and to Mary, “Behold, your son.”  Mary loves and cares for us always.

Explain this is when Jesus gave Mary to be our mother too; what does Mary do for us? (watches over us, prays for us); on Mother's Day we can thank Mary for being our heavenly mother too.

To make something special for Mary for Mother’s Day go to:  

You will need crayons, and paper to color in the picture of Mary

In closure have your child say the Hail Mary and pray: Mary, my Mother in heaven above, this day I thank you and show you my love. Help me grow up to be like your Son, kind and loving to everyone 


Personal Development

Please print your address at the top of a piece of drawing paper. Your child can then draw their house under the address. Please have them practice reciting their address daily, thank you.

Language Arts

Today we will read about about people who help us grow and show them how much we appreciate them for it in Clifford’s My Big World,       I Love you because…….


Go to:

After listening to all the people in our lives who care for us, go to the last page to color in the flowers by clicking on the crayon and matching the letter of the crayon on the tulip.

Watch the video thanking the people who take care of you and have fun with the Caring Concentration Memory Game at the very end.

This is the week when we especially thank our moms and caregivers for all the special things they do for us each and every day!


Letters of the Alphabet

We are preparing for Kindergarten and now that we have completed the alphabet, I want you to practice printing all the uppercase and lowercase letters on the Alphabet Train

First, I want you to listen to the story A to Z by Sandra Boynton read by Teacher Ameshia and sing the alphabet after the story;

Go to: 

Practice holding the pencil correctly. Go to Youtube below for the pinch & flip method

Then go and print the Alphabet Train Aa,-K,k; L,l-V,v; W,w-Zz and practice printing our letters   Aa, to K,k  Ll, to V,v   W,w to Z,z



Since we are on that “Train” let’s have fun with a number express train 11-20. So today, let’s practice printing 11-20

First, I want you to count and sing with The Singing Walrus 1-20 

Go to You Tube:The Singing Walrus to count and sing along

then go to: 

 to print 11-20 express train

Gym:           Mrs. Dodd’s lessons for week of May 4th

Try these Family Go Noodle links this week:

                                              Friday, May 8th, 2020

Religion  Seeds Gospel for May 10th

This is our last Gospel story from the Pflaum series. I hope you have enjoyed


Your child will begin to recognize they are members of a group that follow Jesus, and recognize the priest is the leader of our parish community

 Please start with Gathering Prayer:

          "Thank you, Jesus for loving us. We love you. We will follow you." 

If you can play: Follow the Leader game the parent is the leader and your child/children are the followers. (Make like a conga line) The leader should vary their steps: hop, skip, take long steps, tiptoe, shuffle:If you can’t do that one because of lack of followers on a line, try Simon Says and have them follow you with “Simon says put your hands on your head, and things like that. As long as they get the idea of a leader and them following, it will work! When you get back to where you started,  Ask: Who was the leader in our game? Who were the followers? What did the leader do? The followers? What made the game fun? Make the connection that every day we follow people: children follow their parents, grandparents, teachers all throughout the day.

All year long we have been following our parents, teachers, and priests in learning about Jesus in our Religion and Seeds program, by going to church, by praying each night. Jesus invites us to follow him. Jesus says, "You have seen the Father because you have seen me. If you believe in me then follow my example." Have children look at the cover page of May 10th Seeds.  The children are leaving church. Ask: Why are they so happy? Who are we learning about and following when we go to Mass and when we have Religion lessons? In what ways can we follow Jesus? On pgs 2 & 3 explain the children in the upper left hand corner are going to pretend they are taking a walk in the park. The flowers in the park know who the children's leader is. Each flower has a hidden letter in its center and a hidden number in its stem. As you walk, find the number and the letter. Children will also find the letter on pg 3 that is in the church and trace it. At the end of their walk, what do the letters spell out- JESUS. Have your child listen as you say the prayer on pg 3. Repeat it and  pause when you come to the illustration so your child can say the word represented by the illustration.  On pg 4, your child would have gotten their Certificate of Completion for completing the Seeds series. I am Jesus' friend is the title and they would have drawn their picture next to Jesus. Jesus trusts us to live his commandment and love one another.

 Our closing prayer: "Dear Jesus, we want to be your followers, and act like you. Thank you for being the Leader of our Church. We love you! Amen"


Language Arts:

As you will see in the next few weeks, we are moving into the home stretch and reviewing the  shape and sound of all the letters of the alphabet we have learned in preschool together.

I’m trying to fit them all in, so the first set will be:  A,a  B,b  C,c  D,d

Please go to:   

You and your child can pick out any Aa, B,b C,c D,d template and print one of each.

Practice holding your pencil correctly and remember to start your letters: AT THE TOP!

Please refer to this Youtube video to help your child hold the pencil correctly - The pinch and flip method:

This will help your child learn to hold their pencil correctly. Please keep practicing the proper grip… Take your time tracing your letters and do your best work!



Continuing the Mother’s Day theme,  enjoy "Are You My Mother?" issue from Clifford's My Big World in honor of Mother's Day this Sunday and learn about some baby animals born in the spring.

 go to March, 2019 issue:  "Are You My Mother?"

Learn about the many baby animals born in the spring and how they are different from their parents. Now that YOU are a big kid, how are you different from when you were a baby? What can you do now that you couldn’t do when you were a baby? Have your child match their mama to the baby animal; have fun with the matching game and enjoy a video about baby animals being born in the spring; play a video game matching the mama's voice to the baby animal

After reading along with Clifford’s My Big World "Are You My Mother?" match the baby animals to their mothers; watch the video Spring Babies; play the game “Who’s My Baby” and listen to the momma giving a clue about her baby and click on the right baby animal.


Project – Mother’s Day Card -- Fold drawing paper in half.  Have your child decorate the front of the card. Adults, on the inside of card, please transcribe the following:       

                                               All About My Mother

                                       by (have child write his/her name here)

1.   My mother’s name is ______________________.

2.   My mother’s favorite color is _________________.

3.   My mother’s favorite food is _________________.

4.   My mother likes to _________________________.

5.   I really love my mother because _____________.


Have fun boys and girls with all of the above. Remember this is a very special weekend. Make sure you show your MOTHER lots of love!



                                                               Monday, April 27, 2020


Religion:    Chapter 24: God Made Nations 

If we ever questioned how technology has allowed for instant communication and the means to move from one place to another before this worldwide pandemic, I think we can all agree that life as we knew it, will never be the same. 

This week’s Religion chapter helps us become more aware of the diversity of people who inhabit our planet.  Cultural diversity enriches our lives. In God’s plan, no nation or race is greater than another and we must all live as a family, helping one another not only survive, but thrive.  Our children are beginning to understand that God the Father made and loves all people and we need to show respect for people from other nations.

If you have family members who were born in another country or have traveled to other countries,  ask them if they can share some pictures,clothing or foods from the country they lived or visited.  In school, we would introduce this chapter by explaining to the children that people live in many nations around the world, and we call these places countries. One country is France and it is far away. The people there speak a language called French: teach them this song - Frere Jacques: Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques Dor-mez-vous? Dor-mez-vous? Sonnez les matines , Sonnez les matines. Din din don. Din din don….

Show them  a picture of the earth - if you have a globe - show them earth is like a big ball and there are nations (countries) all over the world. The people who live in different nations are the same in some ways and different in other ways. Some nations have their own language or more than one language. People  from different nations might eat different food or wear different clothing. Go to :  to hear a cute song Hello To All The Children of the World. Another one is  Hello Around the World

Explain these children were saying hello in their native language England, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, USA, China, Japan, Korea,Germany, India,  etc. Having different kinds of people in the world is more interesting than having people who are all the same. Despite our differences, we are the same in many ways (we smile, laugh, play with friends, play sports, etc) Ask your child, Who do you think made all these different people?(God) Explain to them that God loves everyone. In the Bible Galatians 3:26 it says: “For through faith you are all children of God in Christ Jesus.”  We are all God’s children. We are like brothers and sisters in the family of God


Language Arts

This week we are introducing  the shape and sound of Z, z.  

 go to 

After they listen to the Z song, ask them to think of things that begin with Z : zoo, zebra, zinnia, zipper, zero, zanny, zip code

and  then go to and print the Zipper  activity to practice  print the uppercase and lowercase Z, z and color in the Zipper



Today we will listen to a wonderful fictional story: Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch and learn many facts about the moon listening to The Moon by Melanie Chrismer

Go to:  Week 1 and go to Day 4

After listening to Happy Birthday Moon ask your child when the little bear was talking to the moon did the moon answer bear back? What did bear hear ( an echo) what did bear get the moon for its birthday (a hat)  Is this book fact or fiction? What did bear give the moon?

After listening to  The Moon ask,  how do astronauts get up to the moon (spacecraft) Is there air on the moon, can the astronauts jump on the moon? Was this book fact or fiction?

Have  fun doing the Word Match, Fact or Fiction, and What Came First.

In closing, watch the video What’s In The Night Sky? and for fun, take the Quiz after it.


                                          Wednesday, April 29th, 2020


Religion: Chapter 24 God Made Nations

Review Monday’s lesson and have your child sing: 

                   Jesus Loves Me This I know, For the Bible tells me so

                   Little ones to Him belong, We are weak, but He is strong!

                   Yes, Jesus Loves Me,     Yes Jesus Loves Me

                   Yes Jesus Loves Me,      the Bible tells me so!

We may look different, dress differently, speak differently, but God loves all of us equally. God wants all children to love one another. We show love by what we say and do. Ask your child these questions:

  What would you say if you saw a child you did not know?

  What might you say to a boy if you were playing and he was sitting alone?

  What would you say to a child if he or she sneezes?

  What can you say to a friend who drops something?

  What would you say to a friend who is sad?

  What might you say to a friend who gets a high score on a game you were playing?

When we look at children from all over the world, we may look different, but we are all human beings. Each of us has a heart. We are all God’s special children. We care for all people asbrothers and sisters in the family of God.

End with:      Father in heaven, thank you for your love and care.

                     Please bless all children in the whole world -wherever they may live!

Play the hello song from Monday’s lesson:   


Language Arts

Review the letter Z,z and name some things that begin with Z

Have your child listen to the YouTube AlphaTale book, Zack the Lazy Zebra and at the end look for clues for words that begin with "z" and do the “Zz” cheer

go to https://www.first-school.worksheet:  hit standard worksheet for letter Z; cut out the zebra, zero, zigzag, zipper, and zoo and glue inside the Z,z. You will need pencil, crayons, scissors, glue



Write down the words “dog”, “cat”, “pig”, and “cow”. Ask your child to think of a rhyming word for each animal?



Review numbers 6 to 10 by counting and coloring in the raindrops, and match them to the correct number.

Remind your child that April Showers bring May Flowers and sing:

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day, but not before we have a chance to count the raindrops! 

Have your child review numbers 6 to 10 by counting the number of raindrops in each row on the left side of the worksheet. Then draw a line to match each row of raindrops with the correct number on the right side. Don't forget to add color to the raindrops, too.

Go to:  search by Counting Raindrops



Flip through a magazine with your child and point to different pictures. Ask your child

what sound the object or animal in the picture makes.

Gym:  Mrs. Dodd's Phys Ed lesson week of April 27

Try these different family Go Noodle Activities



                                              Friday, May 1st., 2020


Religion:   Seeds May 3rd Gospel

Sunday’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus is our Shepherd, so we will review last week’s lesson about Jesus is our Shepherd.

Go to:

Our Gathering Prayer: “Jesus, you love us as a shepherd loves his sheep. You take care of us as a good shepherd does. Thank you, Jesus.”

Talk about how a farmer takes care of their animals: feed them, make sure they get water, fresh air and exercise. If you have a pet, ask your child how do you care for your pet? Feed them, make sure they get water, fresh air, exercise and love - make them a part of your family.

On page 2 of the weekly you see 5 dogs, cats, fish, birds. Call up friends & family and make a graph of the animals you and your families care for. Be sure to color in one bird for Mrs. Davis (you can make 20 squares on a plain piece of paper and on the bottom label: dog, cat, fish, bird and color in each square that represents an animal you have or family/friend has) ask them how they care for their pets. I make sure my bird, Lawrence, gets fresh food once a day, fresh water 2x a day and once a week, I clean his cage with a fresh gravel sheet. 

For Sunday’s Gospel explain to your child that where Jesus lived, there were lots of sheep. As we learned last week, ask what do we call the people who care for the sheep? (shepherds) Jesus told the people God is like a Shepherd - he explained only robbers will climb over the gate into the sheeps’ pen to steal them. The shepherd will open the gate and call to his sheep by name and they will recognize his voice and follow him. The sheep will NOT follow a stranger because it doesn’t recognize his voice. Jesus says, “I am the gate for sheep. All sheep who come in through me will be saved. I came so that my sheep will have full life.”

On page 3, have your child trace their finger from the shepherd and follow the path to the sheep.

The last page would have been cutting out the shepherd and two sheep. Your child would have put their name on one sheep and a friend or family’s name on the second sheep, and they would have placed all three on the cover page in the grassy pen.

Our ending prayer is: “We gather in Jesus’ name. Jesus is our Shepherd. We are his sheep. Jesus protects us and keeps us safe.Thank you, Jesus for being my Shepherd


Sing:   Jesus is the Shepherd and we are the sheep, His Banner over me is love.

          Jesus is the Shepherd and we are the sheep, His Banner over me is love.

          Jesus is the Shepherd and we are the sheep, His Banner over me is love..

          His Banner over me is love!

Language Arts:

listen to the story on about a Zoo in The Zoo Book by Jan Pfloog  and have 

your child identify the animals in the Zoo,  especially the Zebra.

After listening to the story, have your child draw their favorite Zoo animal and tell why it is their favorite. Have them print an uppercase and lowercase Zz on their paper. Create  your own Zoo book with your favorite zoo animals.


Now that we have completed the whole alphabet, I want you to practice printing the uppercase letters A-Z.

First listen to the book on YouTube:

 From A to Z with Energy by Connie Bergstein Dow read by Melissa Appleby

download alphabet ditto, and using your pencil complete the ditto

You have all weekend to work on this page and remember, “where do we start our letters?”


Today, Friday, is May 1st: National Space Day. Go back to Monday’s lesson on The Moon and have your child listen to it again. Would they like to go to the moon some day? Have them tell you what they learned about the moon. Have them ask their grandparents if they remember when man first walked on the moon? Ms. Davis remembers!!



If you have any jelly beans left, have your child use jelly beans to practice sorting objects by color. You can use socks, blocks and sort by shape, size or color

Download ditto and practice printing numbers 1-10 on the Number Train Express worksheet; During this month, we will also be reviewing 11-20 so hold off on doing this one, but if you can print it, it will save you time.



Tomorrow is National Fitness Day - go outside in your yard and get some exercise while playing a game of tag


Sunday is  National Lemonade Day: read Maisy Makes Lemonade by Lucy Cousins on YouTube

and enjoy a nice, delicious glass of lemonade with your family!


                           Have a great weekend! Thank you for all your hard work...






                                                                April 20, 2020   Welcome Back!


Religion: Chapter  23 God Made Little Things

Your child will begin to understand that small things are important and praise and thank God for making small things!

Have your child to The Itsy Bitsy Spider finger play. Discuss that God made many things that are small, such as spiders and acorns. Small things are just as important as big things. Ask them what are some other small things that God made? (ants, inchworms, caterpillars, ladybugs, etc.) God must be kind and gentle to make so many little things.

Tell your child about St. Francis of Assisi who cared for small things. When he saw a worm on the road, he carried it to the other side so it wouldn’t be stepped on.  God wants us to care for all living creatures, big and small. They are all preciou, because God made them! The Bible tells us “God looked at everything he had made, and found it very good.”

If you have a baby doll, or a picture of a baby ask your child: what will the baby become? What are  some things others must do for a baby? (Feed, clothe, and carry the baby, change the baby’s diapers, teach the baby to walk and talk)

If you have a magnifying glass ask your child if we look through the magnifying glass, what does it do?  Go outside and see if you can find any small creature and discuss what they see. Go to and download the ants picture and have your child thank God for making small things.


Language Arts

Introduce your child to the shape and sound of the letter Y,y. Go to  to hear the The Letter Y song by and have child repeat some words that begin with Y (yes, you, yodel,yogurt,yak, yell,yolk,yarn) and have go to  and download Y yarn paper for them to practice upper and lowercase Y,y . There are other activities to compliment the letter Y for your child to work on if you so choose.



Review counting numbers 1-10 with your child by going to: https://www.first-school.worksheet and look for the Fish Counting Nursery Rhyme which also adds the element of learning position left and right.   For practice printing numbers go to: and they have a train theme worksheet for the numbers 1-10 and the numbers 11-20 for practicing



Your child will learn about the Good Shepherd parable and hear a story, The Lost Sheep, and tie together that Jesus is like the good shepherd willing to leave the other 99 when one of his sheep is lost.


Please listen to Holy Tales, The Lost Sheep video, as well as  the song Baa Baa, Jesus Is My Shepherd; and lastly, if you can print the picture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd ditto:    enjoy coloring it in.


                                                    Wednesday, April 22, 2020



Ask your child if they remember from Monday’s lesson what was the name of the saint who loved all God’s creatures (St. Francis and  of Assisi praise and thank God for all small things

 read                                              The Teeny Tiny Family

Once upon a time, there was a teeny tiny family. The mother, father, and the two children, Tina and Tommy, were no bigger than mice. They lived in a teeny tiny house with a teeny tiny yard. They had a teeny tiny cat named Tuggle and a teeny tiny dog named Tinky.

One day, when the teeny tiny family was eating dinner at its teeny tiny table, the doorbell rang. A large man was at the family’s teeny tiny door. He said to the teeny tiny father, “I am selling a special drink that will make you as big as other people. Would you like some?”

The teeny tiny father said, “Come back tomorrow.” He sat down at the teen tiny table and asked his teeny tiny family, “What do you think? Would you like to be big?”

“Well,” said the teeny tiny mother, “if we were big, we would have to cook more food and cut more grass.” “If we were big,” said tiny Tommy, “we couldn’t ride on the backs of frogs or hide in rabbit holes.”  “If we were big,” said tiny Tina, “ then we couldn’t play games under the shade of a flower or climb spider webs.” “And,” said the teeny tiny father, “if we were big, we would need a bigger house to care for. Who wants to stay as we are?”

“I do,” said the teeny tiny mother. “I do,” said tiny Tommy. “I do,” said tiny Tina. “I do too,” said the teeny tiny father.

So everyone in the teeny tiny family stayed teeny tiny. They lived in their teeny tiny house with the teeny tiny yard. They played with their teeny tiny cat named Tuggle and their teeny tiny dog named Tinky and lived happily ever after.


Ask your child what are some advantages to being small? Have your child do the finger play and sing "The Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and ask them to name some of  small creatures: ant, ladybug,fly, bee and worm. For closure, have your child draw their favorite small creature and color it in, delighting in God’s world and thanking God for small things! For fun go to: to hear and sing along: The Ants Go Marching

Language Arts:

 Review with your child the shape and sound of Y,y asking them to identify some words that begin with ‘Y,y” (yak, yellow, yarn, yawn, yes, yogurt, yodel)  and listen to the story The Yak Who Yelled Yuck reinforcing the "Y" sounds and doing the “Y” cheer at the end of the story; go to: to listen to above story; and  and pick  out a “Y” paper to color reinforcing the sound of the letter Y


Project/Science  Happy Earth Day

Today we will learn how we can save our our little critters here on Earth by keeping their homes (parks, pond, ocean, forests) free from litter 

April 22 is Earth Day and read have your child read Save the Critters from Clifford's My Big World magazine by going to:

After reading, ask the following questions: what is litter? (trash left on the ground), where does litter belong? (in a trash can),  what little critters were affected by the litter left behind? (squirrel in the park, duck in the pond, fish in the ocean and deer in the forest) 

There are various activity sheets to find the litter on the ground, and another activity sheet that  puts trash in the proper recycling trash cans: paper, plastic, cans; Materials you will need: paper, crayons, scissors and glue

One last activity you can do for Earth Day: go online on the link below for some ideas using coffee filters, markers and water and have fun creating Earth     

Gym: Mrs.Dodd’s Phys.Ed lesson Week of April 20

Try these 4 links below from Family Go Noodle for fun activities to do this week.        


                                                    Friday, April 24, 2020

Religion: Seeds April 26, 2020

Have your child look at the cover of Seeds

and tell the story using the road in the window as a starting point of the journey. Be sure your child notes that Jesus is  breaking the bread to share with His friends. This is the action that reminds them of what Jesus did at the Last Supper:


       Emmaus (pronounced Em-may-us) is a little village outside of Jerusalem. Sunday’s Gospel takes place as two of Jesus’ followers are walking towards Emmaus:

    Two of Jesus’ followers were walking from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus. It was the Sunday after Jesus’ Death. The one named Cleopas asked, “Why did Jesus have to die?”  The other follower said, “He could have made our nation great again.”

            Jesus joined them, but they didn’t recognize him. He asked them, “What is wrong?”  Cleopas said, “Don’t you know what happened in Jerusalem?” The other follower explained: “They crucified Jesus. We had hoped he would save Israel.” Cleopas said, “We learned that his body was taken from the tomb.”

            The stranger asked them,  “Don’t you know that these things had to happen?” Then the stranger explained the Scriptures that said the Messiah would suffer before receiving glory.  They listened to the stranger until they came to Emmaus. They invited him to stay with them. At the meal, Jesus took bread, blessed it and gave it to them. When Jesus did this, they recognized him.  But Jesus vanished!

            Cleopas said, “That was Jesus!” The other follower said, “My heart felt on fire when he explained the holy writings.”  They headed right back to Jerusalem with their news. Some of Jesus’ other followers told them: “Jesus has been raised up! He appeared to Simon Peter.”

On page 2, ask how do they feel when they are with their friends at a party? What are some foods  they would like to have there. How do you think the children with the blank faces feel being with their friends?

Have your child look at page 3. Ask: what things do you see at church when you go to Mass? Then read the title of the page and ask: How do these things show Jesus is with us today? Crucifix  reminds us how much Jesus loves us. Woman is reading a story about Jesus. The Easter candle reminds us that Jesus rose from the dead. Flowers  and banners show that we believe Jesus is here and we want to honor him. The Priest does the same thing that Jesus - breaks bread and gives to  the people to eat. The bread and wine on the little table is ready for Mass. The people in the pews are living Jesus’ life in the  world.

Turn to page 4:  Jesus Shares a meal with us: have your child describe the picture. Jesus is at the table, breaking the bread. There is a pitcher that may contain wine. This may be during the supper he had with his disciples after their  walk to Emmaus. If  you can print this page, have  your child color it in.

The closing prayer: “Dear Jesus, thank you for our families and friends and the food and special times we share.” “Amen, Alleluia!”



Review number sense 1 - 5 by  counting the cupcakes in each row and then matching them to the correct number

Go to:  print the activity sheet, practice printing your name with pencil, and use crayons to color in the cupcakes and to match them to the number

For more math practice go to  


Language Arts/Science

Your child will explore the:  Life Cycle of Animal Babies

Please go to: Week 1, Day 3

Have your child listen to story: Is Your Mama a Llama and read along with book Animal Babies; after the stories are read, play a word match game; Fact or Fiction and Which Came First  all related to the above books

Have fun learning about baby animals


Art Assignment for the week of April 20-24 from Mrs. Kokoll

It's "selfie" week! Please have your child draw a picture of himself/herself on one half of a folded piece of computer paper. Then, ask your child to draw someone they miss from school on the other half. To extend this project, help your child cut out the figures and glue them to empty toilet paper tubes. Now your child can use these figures as hand-puppets to act out class activities like story time, morning prayers, etc. Have fun!





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                                             Monday April 6, 2020  Holy Week  


Religion: Special Chapter: EASTER 


Explain to your child that Easter is a feast of life and that God’s Son, Jesus, gives us new life. Talk with your child about how every day the sun comes up, and we have a new day of life,  and every night the sun goes down, and we go to sleep. The same thing happens over and over, year after year...the sun comes up every morning. Ask you child, if you can’t see the sun during the day, where is it? At night, you can’t see the sun because part of the Earth we live on has turned away from the sun. Earth turns back to the sun at sunrise.

Just as the sun comes up each day, we will always live. God’s Son, Jesus, promised that we will  live forever. Jesus says in the Bible: “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if  he dies, will live.” We believe Jesus’ promise because after He died and was buried, He came back to life. This makes us happy, so we celebrate. Each Easter we celebrate that, through Jesus, we have the promise of everlasting life.  Here is a little cheer for you to celebrate this: I live (point to self)

                                        You live (point out)

                                        We’ll all live forever. (sweep arm across front)                

                                        Jesus died and rose to life (stoop down & rise)

                                        We’ll live with Him forever. Yay, Jesus! (Jump & wave arms in the air)


Explain the Easter story by saying: we love Jesus, and we tell the story about him year after year. We tell what He did and what He said. We tell how He died and how He rose again.Wecelebrate Easter with eggs. Ask your child what baby animal comes out of an egg? ( a chick) New life comes out of an egg, just as Jesus came out of the tomb after He was buried.

Draw a big egg on a piece of paper- have your child create their own beautiful Easter egg! After they have decorated their egg have them pray to Jesus, “Thank you for life!” An app your child is familiar with is called abcya. This week they have a holiday one for Easter   where you can decorate Easter eggs.


Project:  To continue on with Holy Week have your child  listen to a video and learn why Christians called this week "Holy Week" ; please go on YouTube and look for the video Palm Sunday and the Passion-for Kids : 


After your child  listens to the above story, discuss; talk about how we have been preparing for Easter (how are our footprints colored in from Ash Wednesday’s Religion assignment? Have we walked like Jesus during Lent? - what good deeds have we done to color them in: doing our best work, putting money in our Lenten boxes, sharing and being kind & loving); talk about the Passion video they watched - discuss how much Jesus must love us and He just wants us to love in return. Have them draw a picture of what Easter means to them!

Language Arts:

Please go to:  Clifford's My Big World magazine and  have your child read FlowerPower and learn about the different parts of a flower to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus; complete the Garden Graph at the end of the magazine by counting and clicking on the different colored flowers; do a dance break to get up and moving and move like a plant; play a build a plant game, and if a printer is available, download a puzzle piece to make a plant using 4 different puzzle pieces: stem, flower, roots, and leaves.  If you can print the puzzle piece you will need scissors, crayons and paper to put together.



a fun memory game called Elmo’s Brain Game can be found on:  Sesame Street in Communities. Go to:  trust me, it gets challenging as you go on, and I don’t know about you, but I love Elmo. You can also go to abcya at  for more math games and practice

Exercise:  Don’t forget to go outside in your yard (weather permitting) and look at all the beautiful trees and plants that are beginning to blossom and move around on your scooter or bike and thank God for this wonderful day!

                                                     Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Religion:  Easter Chapter

Review Monday’s lesson about Easter and what happens on Easter Sunday: Jesus rises to new life, thereby giving us new life. We would have had our Easter Egg hunt today if we were in school, so if you are able to have one, that would add to the lesson. If you can go outside, play I Spy and pick out all the examples of new life around you (budding trees, shoots of plants sprouting up, grass turning green, birds nests with the sounds of baby birds chirping for their food) to make the connection to thank God, the Father for life.

Please go to YouTube and have your child watch The Easter Story for kids. There are a few versions but the one for 5 or 6  min. does a great job of reviewing Holy Week and Easter (Kids Bible does a 5.14 version  story that is good) The Seeds periodical would be a good follow up to close today’s Religion lesson


For the Seeds Religion Story for April 12th Easter Sunday


Go  Jesus Is Risen   discuss cover page:  Mary Magdalene, a friend of Jesus, is the first to meet the risen Christ and she is so happy to see Jesus alive again. On pages 2, 3 Spring Is Here discuss signs of spring -( baby birds, caterpillars, flowers blooming, baby chicks, rabbits) etc. On page 4, have your child find the hidden Easter symbols ( a cross, lamb, 6 Easter eggs, butterflies, a heart)


Print coloring page Alleluia - Jesus Lives  from this link:


your child will have fun learning about Living Things - Plants

Go to:

read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehbert, discuss how to plant many different, colorful flowers and create a rainbow of colorful blooms; and read It Could Still be a Flower by Adam Fowler and discuss how flowers can grow: on trees, in shrubs, from the ground; watch the video What Are Plants and take the 5 question quiz after; discuss how the seeds we planted on Ash Wednesday are doing? They are still in the sprout and leaf stage: make sure they continue to get water and sunlight and hopefully a colorful Zinnia will blossom later on

For snack today, have your child eat a carrot or their favorite piece of fruit, and impress upon him/her how important plants and flowers are for us to enjoy (visually), as well as for nourishment (fruits and veggies).

Language Arts:

 Listen to The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen and Sally Ann Lambert on YouTube, and go to Maple Leaf  Learning Playhouse for some tricks on how to draw and decorate your own Easter Eggs since eggs are such an important part of Easter. Go on YouTube and type in Easter projects Maple Leaf Playhouse. Go to the Easter Egg coloring page for kids and find fun tips on drawing and decorating eggs. You will need  paper, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors and don’t forget to join in an Easter game and fun song about a silly bunny.


               I wish all of you a Happy and Blessed Easter. God Bless


Mrs. Dodd’s Phys. Ed Lesson for Week of April 6

Since this is Holy Week, I would like you to try these 2 links for your exercise.


Monday, March 30th lessons

Religion: Chapter 22 God Made Big Things:

Talk with your child about the things in God’s creation that are enormous, such as oceans, mountains and elephants. Have your child talk about some of their favorite “big” things God has made (elephants, giraffes, hippos, the night sky, etc) As we thank God for all these wonderful things, the one thing God loves the most: us - we are all God’s children and we are precious in His sight.

Play Big & Strong: ask them to picture in their mind the highest mountain in the world- let’s climb that mountain together; now picture the widest ocean in the world- let’s swim it; picture the largest rock in the world- let’s lift it; picture the largest tree in the world-let’s wrap our arms around it; think about the loudest clap of thunder in the world-let’s protect our ears; think of the strongest wind in the world-let’s fight against it; now think of the largest animal that ever walked the earth, a dinosaur-let’s pet it (reach up and stretch, you can do it!!

Let us praise God who made all these things: “God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, oh so good to me.”

Draw a picture of something big that you have seen.

Language Arts: let’s introduce the shape and sound of X,x; have your child identify the many things that have X in them: box, fox, ax, six, mix, extra, excellent and believe it or not: xylophone; please connect to: have fun with the letter X,x.  Download an X,x paper to practice printing, coloring, etc at: 

Project: log into:  and go to March: A Teeny Tiny Nest - read the magazine; do big and small exercise; and if you can print: Find 10 Eggs Sheet 

Math: go to  (new password- Luke25) there are a variety of math games: egg counting, zoom number pop & peep; have fun


Wed., April 1st lessons

What do Mailboxes and the Alphabet have in common? (They are both full of letters...)

Happy April Fools Day!!!!!

Religion: review with your child about all the wonderful, enormous things God made: God made huge things like oceans, mountains, the world. God is very strong and powerful to be able to do that. Always remember, God is greater than everything He created. Make a book about God’s Great Love:

God’s love is higher than a mountain; wider than the big, blue sky; deeper than the ocean, bigger than a whale, and stronger than a lion; best of all God’s Son, Jesus, loves me!! Thank God for the wonderful, big things He created just for us! “Two,four, six, eight. Who do we appreciate! Yay, God!

Draw your favorite thing and title it: God Made:

Language Arts: review the shape and sound of X,x and all the fun words you learned that have X in them; go to YouTube - search AlphaTales   A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish; have fun identifying things that have the letter X in them and don’t forget the X cheer; if you go to: you will find fun X pages to print and color

Project: go to click on March: reread A Teeny Tiny Nest if you want; play the Alphabet Game and complete the Hummingbird Grows Up sheet

Math: go to  and scroll down to 123: Counting - sorry for the ads: I would start with Count Using Multiple Choice Objects, Count Up With Numbers, Count Up and Down With Objects, and Count Objects Using Multiple Choices to start with. 


Mrs. Dodd's Phys. Ed lesson for Week of March 30
Try these 2 adventures below:

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Fri., April 3rd lessons

Religion: April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday

Your child will identify ways they can welcome people into their classroom and their homes, and celebrate Jesus coming into their lives. Discuss with your child how you, as a family, make people feel welcomed when they come to visit; how do we, in our classroom, make children feel welcomed when they join our class? Ask daddy how do we celebrate when our favorite sports team wins something BIG ( Superbowl or World Series)

Go to Seeds - 

Remember to type in and Password: Luke25

Discuss the cover of the weekly - were the people welcoming Jesus when He came into Jerusalem? How did they look? How did Jesus look? What were they waving? Ask if they remember the palms I brought in on Ash Wednesday and explain that that is what they were waving. If we could color them, we would use green- the people were so happy to see Jesus and they were yelling Hosanna as He passed by into Jerusalem to begin to celebrate Passover with His friends; on pages 2, 3 have your child identify what was on the cover page welcoming Jesus (smiling faces, palm leaves, donkey and that very special word on page 3 HOSANNA; on page 4 see how you can make a megaphone and draw some pictures of palm leaves welcoming Jesus on this very special day called Palm Sunday

Either before or after your lesson go to YouTube and search for Bible Stories for Kids: The Donkey and the King the one for 2:55 minutes is just the right length for all to watch

Language Arts: once again review the shape and sound of X,x and ask if they remember ANY words that have x in them (box, mix, fix, ax) Go on You Tube find the book Bones  by Stephen Krensky and have them listen all about their bones; trace their hand on a piece of paper, cut 4 Q-Tips in half; glue 5 Q-Tips on each of their fingers and the remaining 3 in the middle of their hand and they have just created an X-Ray hand!

Math: once again go to and review the various number activities, especially if your child had difficulty with them; you may have to work with your child  to help them understand the concepts. Do not be upset if you work with them and they don’t understand at first; that is why we review again and again. If they get frustrated, please go to for more math activities-  password is Luke25, username:  I like the Shooting Stars game and the Magic Rainbow traceables. It goes over the numbers we were learning and will show them the proper way to print the numbers. We left school finishing up to the number 10. We do the calendar every day, so they should all be familiar with numbers up to 31. I want them to have fun with this and I don’t want them, or you, to get frustrated!

Project: go once again to; March issue

Review: Weather and do the Dance Break; complete the Weather Patterns and put what weather pattern comes next: remember, a pattern  repeats itself. Have fun doing the cloud paper - if its nice out see if you can find  a cloud with a funny shape.

After you done these fun things ”weather” permitting, go out in your yard and have fun: IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Remember: This is the day that the Lord has made, let us go out and rejoice in it!  God Bless you all. Thank you for working so hard this week!


Mon. 3/23/20 

Religion: Chapter 21 God Made Butterflies: talk with your child about the special wonders of the earth that God created just for us - especially the gift of butterflies; you can go on YouTube and pick The Very Hungry Caterpillar to read; ask -  were the caterpillars always pretty? Discuss the surprise that happens when the caterpillar goes into its chrysallis; God loves to give us surprises and makes our world so wonderful; make sure we thank God every day for the surprises he gives us

Language Arts: introduce the sound and shape of W,w and identify the many things that begin with W (whale, wagon, wheelchair, watermelon, water, window, whistle, wolf, walrus, watch etc.; have your child trace the uppercase W and lowercase w and color in the water

Project: log in to My Big World, read: What Should He Wear; have children color in the umbrella using the number color code; watch video What's the Weather and create their own weather book

Wed. 3/25/20

Religion: talk with your child how all forms of life change and grow and thank and praise God for that; review what they learned about how the caterpillar changed and transformed into a beautiful butterfly; have your child make a beautiful butterfly

Language Arts: review the sound and shape of W,w; on YouTube have your child listen to Alpha Tales Worms Wagon; have your child identify all the "w" objects at the end and they will love repeating the W Cheer; color in their W paper

Project: review the things your child learned about the weather and draw  a diamond shape on 8 1/2 by 11 paper and have them cut out and draw their favorite kind of weather making their own weather kite; have your child do the weather pattern paper on My Big World based on the What Should He Wear story

Fri. 3/27/20

Rel: Seeds your child will begin to recognize their own feelings and understand that Jesus had friends and feelings too; discuss cover picture of Jesus having a meal with His friends Lazarus, Mary & Martha. Discuss how they might feel sharing a meal together? pg 2 Jesus has feelings - discuss feelings of worry, sadness, and happiness. Ask them when did they feel worried, sad and happy? Why? Draw mouths on Jesus, Mary, and Martha showing these feelings; pgs 3 & 4 "I Have Feelings" game - have your child cut out cards and match like cards: 2 worried cards, 2 sad, 2 angry, 2 happy - discuss these feelings - play the game! In closure, sing "If You're Happy and You Know It...." add other feelings!! Lastly, find and read a book that makes you HAPPY!

Math: review the numbers 1-10; have your child count and show 10 fingers; challenge them to find 10 objects around the house; if you go on google you will find free dot to dot printables; your child will have loads of fun doing and learn dot to dot in the interim while reviewing the numbers 1 - 10

Project: go you YouTube and find book Umbrella by Taro Yashima about a little girl waiting patiently to use her umbrella for the first time;discuss what did the little girl have to wait for to use her umbrella? when she finally got to use the umbrella, how did she feel? have your child make and decorate their own umbrella



On Friday, 3/13/20, the PreK 4 students were sent home with an activity packet for 3/17/20-3/27/20.   In Language Arts, this week and next, the children will be working on the recognition of, and the printing of alphabet letters, specifically the letters V-v and W-w.  In Math, they will be working on the recognition of, printing, and understanding amounts for the numbers 1-10, specifically the number 10. In Religion, the children should be working on the Seeds periodicals for 3/22/20 and 3/29/20.  Parents, please have your children work on the packets that were sent home.

Wednesday, 3/18/20 - the letter V-v - The students may color the vegetables, then correctly trace capital V and lower case v, following the arrows on the letters. Challenge your child to name words that begin with V-v, i.e., van, vase, vegetable, very, vest, vine, violin,volcano.

Friday, 3/20/20 - For Religion, read the Seeds periodical, Jesus heals a blind man. In simple terms, "A man was blind since birth.  The man listened to Jesus.  Jesus healed the man because of the man's faith, and the man was no longer blind."  Discuss picture on front cover.  According to the Gospel, Jesus rubbed mud on the man's closed eyes and told him to go to the river and wash off the mud. Because the man did what Jesus told him to do, he was healed. Discuss the joy of the blind man when Jesus healed him.  On pages 2 & 3, the students should name the shapes in the picture and color them according to the color guide. On pg 4, the students may trace the words, "I can see." Name things we can see with our gift of sight. Pray, "Thank You, God, for the gift of sight."

Websites appropriate for preschoolers:,,  &

Fri., March 19th Happy St. Joseph's Day 

I will be sending out an email on how to add My Big World, Clifford's Magazine for the preschoolers to enjoy. This coming Friday we invited a Dental Hygenist to come in and demonstrate to the children how to properly brush their teeth, etc. We were also going to share with the children the February issue: Healthy Smiles as a follow up. There are 4 steps to get to My Big World: Go to 1. 2. hit log in 3. hit student, 4. enter student password - pls see todays email for the password...begin to enjoy. 


Please pray for a quick resolve and may God keep you all safe and healthy.

Ms. Davis Pre K A



School Tools!

Paper! Pencils!! Crayons! Glue!
I can use my scissors too,
and each and every other tool
To make a picture here at school!